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Whether you’re a backpacker, back and forth packer, wanderer, or have an eye for a detailed itinerary, a Whimit lets you travel your way!


Why be restricted when you can freely explore Australia, live for the moment and just whimit? Whimit is the ultimate flexible travel pass . It’s unlimited and the best and most affordable way to travel Australia.

Travel on the Greyhound network anywhere around Australia for as long as your time allows; any route, any direction, without limit. Tick off your bucket list up the east coast, hit the outback or head off the beaten track to the towns in between for that authentic Aussie adventure.

There is no other travel option in Australia that gives you the flexibility that Whimit gives you. Pre-plan your trip or wing it as you go, change your plans as often as you like, free of charge. It’s your choice, your way.

So affordable for the money conscious backpackers, it gives you the freedom to explore Australia on any route, any direction, and for your chosen amount of time; travelling without limit.