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There are a number of world class events in Broome, gigs, family fun days, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events and competitions all year round:

The Sonus Tour A Musical Celebration 21 June – 9 July 2019

The Sonus Tour A Musical Celebration 21 June – 9 July 2019

Date: The Sonus Tour A Musical Celebration 21 June – 9 July 2019
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At Broome

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The Sonus Tour

Naomi Pigram

Mark Atkins

Judith Hamann

Aviva Endean

& guests


A Musical Celebration
21 June – 9 July 2019

Full tour details at


Broome Sonus Tour poster

Halls Creek
Fitzroy Crossing
Beagle Bay
One Arm Point

Sonus is a meeting of cultural forces, ancient and contemporary, songs of outback Australia and newly commissioned music for the tour.

Tura’s 2019 Sonus Tour brings together Aboriginal star and singer songwriter Naomi Pigram with Indigenous musical icon, Mark Atkins, and leading instrumentalists Judith Hamann and Aviva Endean. Guest artists en route include Gabriel Nodea and Danny Marr, as well as performances by Waringarri, Gija and Bardi Dancers and Performers. This powerful collaboration of artists creates a program that reaches across cultures, time and place. Travelling to regional centres and remote communities Sonus brings collaborations, story, new music and celebration across the Kimberley. Naomi Pigram Vocals, guitar Mark Atkins Didgeridoo, guitar, vocals Judith Hamann Cello Aviva Endean Clarinets and electronics.


“ Naomi Pigram is a saltwater child and
songwriting prodigy. Her songwriting
is confronting, gritty: laced with the
coal-face reality of life”
Amarta Music

“ Atkins is a phenomenal didgeridoo
virtuoso, eliciting extraordinary colours
and sounds.”
The Australian

“ Hamann has long been recognised
as one of Australia’s foremost
contemporary-music cellists”
Partial Durations

“ Aviva Endean performance marks
a miraculous discovery of a new world
of sound”
Freistil Magazine


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