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Expe­ri­ence an epic heli­copter adven­ture with award win­ning HeliSpir­it at key Kim­ber­ley and Top End des­ti­na­tions

WEST­ERN AUS­TRALIA: Bun­gle Bun­gle (Pur­nu­l­u­lu Nation­al Park) | Mitchell Falls (Mitchell Riv­er Nation­al Park) | El Que­stro Wilder­ness Park | Kununur­ra | Warmun/​Turkey Creek | Lake Argyle | Emma Gorge Resort | Home Val­ley Sta­tion | Bul­lo Riv­er Sta­tion | Karratha. 

NORTH­ERN TER­RI­TO­RY: Kather­ine Gorge (Nit­miluk Nation­al Park). 

Enjoy an eagle’s view of our extra­or­di­nary landscape. 

On offer are a vari­ety of air adven­tures by heli­copter for you to expe­ri­ence the best of the Kimberley. 

Per­son­alised pilot com­men­tary is includ­ed on all flights. 

We usu­al­ly fly with the doors off for bet­ter view­ing, but if you pre­fer the doors on, please ask your pilot. 

Take in the cas­cad­ing water­falls of the Mitchell Plateau before touch­ing down for a swim.

Explore gal­leries of ancient rock art in remote loca­tions or go heli-fish­ing to catch a bar­ra­mun­di in a wild riv­er.

Explore Kather­ine Gorge from an eagle’s view­point.

Mar­vel at the ancient land­form of Pur­nu­l­u­lu Nation­al Park. 

These are some of the options you have in the tours list­ed above and more. 

A light jack­et is rec­om­mend­ed for heli­copter flights. 

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