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Paspaley Pearls

Location: 2 Short Street, Broome

Through a unique collusion between man and nature, Paspaley is proud to be recognised as the source of the most beautiful and valuable pearls in the world.


Today, Paspaley is the world’s most important producer of cultured pearls. Although the gems remain in the South Sea pearl category, Paspaley’s pearls have become a category of their own, due to the superior and widely recognised quality. As a result, these gems are most commonly recognised simply as Paspaley Pearls.

Over the course of fifty years, we have unlocked the secret of creating superior pearls. Mimicking nature as closely as possible, there are five stages within the pearl cultivation process.

Our designs celebrate the raw beauty of nature and the incredible natural environment that is home to Paspaley pearls.

Paspaley jewellery is versatile and playful. Our designs are intended to be both treasured and worn, and our collections feature adaptable elements allowing the wearer to build on their Paspaley pieces, creating a look unique to their style.