Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre

One Arm Point Communitiy Dampier Peninsula WA
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Hours: 9am tp 3pm Daily (closed Saturdays), Guided tours run twice daily at 10am and 2pm

Vis­it One Arm Points Hatch­ery locat­ed at the tip of the Dampi­er Penin­su­la. Expe­ri­ence the mas­sive tidal flows of the King Sound and the beau­ti­ful sour­round­ing reef and man­grove sys­tems. Learn about the Bar­di Jaw­is strong con­nec­tion to their rich cul­ture and salt­wa­ter tra­di­tions in one of the guid­ed Cul­tur­al Hatch­ery Tours. You can also pur­chase local­ly craft­ed prod­ucts such as pol­ished shells and jewellery. 

The Ardyaloon Hatch­ery was estab­lished to address the declin­ing stocks of the Trochus niloti­cus shell and seek to cre­ate a com­mer­cial­ly sus­tain­able indus­try har­vest­ing the shell.

The hatch­ery has been suc­cess­ful in restock­ing juve­nile trochus to sup­port com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers com­mer­cial­ly fish­ing for the species and for sale to the Aus­tralian aquar­i­um indus­try. Join an expe­ri­enced local guide on a fas­ci­nat­ing and edu­ca­tion­al tour of the Ardyaloon Hatch­ery which con­tains a diverse range of fish, coral and crus­tacean species.

Vis­it Ardyaloon Hatch­ery locat­ed at One Arm Point with­in Ardyaloon Com­mu­ni­ty at the tip of the Dampi­er Penin­su­la. The Hatch­ery is locat­ed 16 km north of the Kool­ja­man at Cape Lev­eque resort turn-off.

$18 per Adult & $5 per child (616 years) for the Ardyaloon com­mu­ni­ty vis­i­tor pass which includes a guid­ed Ardyaloon Hatch­ery tour and access to Jol­o­go Beach, Mid­dle Beach and Round Rock.

No vis­i­tor accom­mo­da­tion is avail­able at Ardyaloon. 

Web­site: www​.ardyaloon​hatch​ery​.com​.au

Covid-19 Remote Com­mu­ni­ties Access­Please note: Ardyaloon Com­mu­ni­ty is closed to all vis­i­tors under Remote Abo­rig­i­nal Com­mu­ni­ty Direc­tion No. 3.
We have arranged for a vari­a­tion to this to allow com­mer­cial tour bus oper­a­tors ONLY to vis­it the hatch­ery site. These tours will dri­ve straight to hatch­ery and leave imme­di­ate­ly after tour.

These com­pa­nies are linked below.
Kim­ber­ley Wild
Hor­i­zon­tal Sea­plane Adven­tures
Out­back Spir­it
Instyle Adven­tures (Bus Only)

This is the ONLY method tourists can access the hatch­ery by book­ing a tour with one of the com­pa­nies list­ed above.
Peo­ple com­ing into the com­mu­ni­ty in their cars risk a fine from Police.
There is a sign 5 kms from Com­mu­ni­ty and anoth­er at Com­mu­ni­ty entrance advis­ing Com­mu­ni­ty is closed.

E‑mail: ceo@​ardyaloon.​org.​au
Phone: +61 8 9192 4930

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