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Broome’s Astron­o­my Expe­ri­ence is a 2‑hour edu­ca­tion­al and enter­tain­ing mind ben­der using big tele­scopes, lasers and fun under some of the best stargaz­ing skies on the planet.

Broome’s Astron­o­my Expe­ri­ence has been deliv­er­ing intense­ly prac­ti­cal astron­o­my to human­i­ty since 1995.

Due to some cos­mic, phys­i­cal and oth­er world­ly chal­lenges our 2024 stargaz­ing sea­son tours are unavailable.

Due to some cosmic, physical and other worldly challenges our 2024 stargazing season tours are unavailable.

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