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If you are look­ing for the ulti­mate wilder­ness adven­ture and want to enjoy the real Aus­tralia, then Kim­ber­ley Adven­ture Tours has just what you are look­ing for. Our tours of Kim­ber­ley Aus­tralia may be the most fun you will ever have. Pri­vate Access to Cat­tle Sta­tions and Abo­rig­i­nal Land for Camp­ing, Hik­ing and Indige­nous Art . Self Dri­ve tours are available.

Kim­ber­ley Adven­ture Tours offer a 10 Day Self Dri­ve Adven­ture Tour.

Sim­ply make your way to Broome and we will do the rest. We sup­ply you with a mod­ern 4WD vehi­cle set up for tour­ing the rugged Kim­ber­ley which you dri­ve. We start the Kim­ber­ley Camp­ing Tour with 4WD instruc­tion on the use of the vehi­cle and teach you about dri­ving on dirt roads and cross­ing rivers etc.

In total we will have up to 5 vehi­cles trav­el­ling at the same time, each vehi­cle is in con­stant con­tact with a lead vehi­cle via UHF radio. The lead vehi­cle is dri­ven by the head guide who will not only take you to lots of secret and unknown spots in the vehi­cle, but who will also guide you on walks and hikes, expect ancient art sites, swim­ming in water­falls and through gorges and lots of adven­ture. The head guide is also assist­ed by a sec­ond guide who in addi­tion to guid­ing, is respon­si­ble for sup­ply­ing and cook­ing the camp food.

Each night the group will camp togeth­er, nor­mal­ly in safe & beau­ti­ful wilder­ness areas we have to our­selves. At every camp we have a hot show­er and toi­let, even at the remote wilder­ness camps.

This prod­uct pro­vides the best of both worlds, it is a tour with every­thing organ­ised, all you do is arrange to get to Broome, but you also have the inde­pen­dence to dri­ve your own vehicle.

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When you book the "10 Day Kimberley Adventure Tour" on our website, please select 1 QTY adult rate only - as the total price for 1 adult includes 2 persons in the one vehicle. So, one vehicle with two persons - please select only 1 qty under the ADULT dropdown menu below. If you require additional passengers beyond the included 2, please call us to book by phone 08 9195 2200.

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