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Our tours are lead by an Indige­nous Guide who is a tra­di­tion­al own­er of the lands in and around Broome. Johani Mamid, is a Yawu­ru man who still prac­tices his lore and cul­ture every day. Look­ing after coun­try is Impor­tant to Johani and his peo­ple who are the keep­ers of his lands. With a Ranger back­ground he under­stands both the west­ern sci­en­tif­ic ways of look­ing after coun­try (con­ser­va­tion and land man­age­ment) and the tra­di­tion­al eco­log­i­cal knowledge. 

Mabu Buru Tours will take you on a very per­son­al jour­ney that explores Yawu­ru Cul­ture through coun­try, nature, his­to­ry, lore and tra­di­tion­al knowledge.

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