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Local Beef, born and bred in the Kimberley

We are a fam­i­ly owned busi­ness pro­duc­ing local beef for local people. 

Our cat­tle graze the Kim­ber­ley range­lands and irri­gat­ed pas­tures at Kil­to Station. 

At Kil­to Sta­tion our cat­tle are fin­ished on grass or grain before being processed in our mod­ern on farm abattoir.

Kim­ber­ley Pre­mi­um’ is our grain fin­ished beef and Long Grass’ is our pure grass fed beef.

In our store we whole­sale and retail whole beef cuts, home­made mince, corned beef, sausages, burg­ers and sliced steaks ready for easy cooking.

You will also find condi­ments and mer­chan­dise for the meat lover.

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