Stingers present: Keeping safe in Broome waters this wet season

14 December 2021 1
Stingers present: Keeping safe in Broome waters this wet season

The Shire of Broome is urging the community to be cautious in and around the water this wet season, with two residents stung by Irukandji over the last week.

Entering the water at anytime between November and April in Broome or up the Dampier Peninsula is a risk due to the presence of Irukandji, crocodiles and sharks.

Irukandji are almost impossible to see in the water, as they have a diameter of only 1-2cm, with a sting causing potentially life-threatening symptoms in humans.

Risk mitigations that can be considered are wearing stinger suits and always carrying vinegar with you.

Vinegar for stings is also available from stinger relief stands, which are located at all of Broome’s major beaches - Town Beach, Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point and Entrance Point.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said community safety was a priority.

“We encourage everyone to always be cautious when swimming, fishing and launching boats, especially in wet season,” he said.

“When there is a beach closure please abide by the no swimming rule and look for and follow all beach signage.

“Please don’t become complacent around waterways. Irukandji, crocodiles and sharks are most definitely there, and we need to be vigilant.

“My final message is let’s all stay aware and keep ourselves safe.”

For more information on stingers and beach safety from the Shire of Broome, click here.

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