Iconic Streeter’s Jetty reopen for Broome community use

6 April 2022 1
Iconic Streeter’s Jetty reopen for Broome community use

Broome’s iconic Streeter’s Jetty is back open for community use following its reconstruction.

Structural investigations in 2020 found the jetty’s piles and bracing were failing, meaning it was a public safety risk and needed to be fully replaced.

The new structure has been constructed in likeness to the original in accordance with heritage approvals.

It has been constructed with 14 steel piles and a steel frame hidden by timber decking, fascia boards, kerbs, handrails and a section of heritage façade, constructed from historic materials to replicate the former jetty.

This is the fifth time the jetty has been demolished and rebuilt since it was first constructed in 1886, with the new structure meeting Australian standards for crowd loading and vessel berthing.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said Streeter’s Jetty was an important landmark for Broome.

“Streeter’s Jetty is part of the rich history of our town and it is great that it is back open for our community to enjoy."
“It is a massively popular attraction for residents and visitors – we knew that we had to get the project right to ensure the jetty is an asset for Broome once more."
Extensive heritage and environmental approvals were granted and the finished product looks fantastic – a big well done to all those involved."
With the significant recent upgrades undertaken during the Chinatown Revitalisation Project, the restoration of Streeter’s Jetty is another big boost for our town centre.
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