It’s turtle nesting season on Walmanyjun (Cable Beach), Broome!

27 September 2023 2
It’s turtle nesting season on Walmanyjun (Cable Beach), Broome!

Updated: 31st January 2024


November 1 to November 30

The Cable Beach vehicle access ramp will be closed to all but essential and approved vehicles between 8pm and 6am, and during the day around when high tides exceed nine metres due to the turtle breeding season.

December 1 to Janurary 31
The Cable Beach vehicle access ramp will be closed 24/7 to all but essential and approved vehicles to protect turtle hatchlings.

February 1 to February 28/29
The Cable Beach vehicle access ramp near Zanders will reopen tomorrow to 4x4 vehicles only.
For the month of February, the ramp will close between 8pm and 6am and during high tides exceeding 9m.
A lack of storm activity means the rocks near the ramp are less exposed than last year.
It is up to individuals to ensure they can safely drive on the beach, including through the rocks.

Parking on the sand to the left (south) of the rocks is prohibited.

Drivers are reminded there may still be nesting turtles and hatchlings on Cable Beach and to drive accordingly. A 15km/h speed limit applies at all times (fines apply).
For more information about access to Cable Beach North, visit

The gate installed at the Cable Beach Amphitheatre will be locked closed during the closures times.

Penalties of up to $200 apply for anyone disregarding the beach closures under Shire of Broome Local Laws. The Shire of Broome appreciates the community's co-operation in assisting to protect marine turtles on Cable Beach.

Photo: Shire of Broome

Every year sea turtles nest on Walmanyjun (Cable Beach) from October - March with hatching occurring approximately 7 weeks after the eggs are laid.

The most common species to nest on Walmanyjun is the flatback turtle. Flatback turtles are endemic to Northern Australia and many important nesting sites are in the Kimberley region.

Please observe all signage as infringements may apply.

You can help protect turtles by:

• Avoiding driving on the beach. If you are please stay below the high-water mark, away from sandy areas and turtle nests which are marked with yellow signage
• Following the ‘Turtle Watching Code of Conduct’ if you see a turtle
• Refraining from touching or interacting with turtle hatchlings
• Dogs should be kept away from turtle nesting beaches.

Members of the public wishing to drive on to Cable Beach during December and January will still be able to do so at the southern end, near Gantheaume Point. Emergency vehicles and those used for essential Council and Ranger services, and relevant licenced businesses will be permitted to operate on the beach when necessary.

Flatback turtles are native to Broome and special to the Yawuru people. They are also a threatened and vulnerable species and are therefore legally protected.

More information from the Shire here.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Parks and Wildlife Service encourage everyone to follow the code of conduct.

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