Discover Windjana and the Tunnel

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Vis­it the Napi­er Range reput­ed to be one of the best exposed fos­sil reef com­plex­es in the world. At Wind­jana Gorge observe fresh­wa­ter croc­o­diles bask­ing the sun. Tun­nel Creek! — its a chal­lenge, its an experience.

This full day tour includes morn­ing tea, lunch and after­noon tea. 

At Wind­jana, youll learn about the unique fea­tures of the exposed Devon­ian Reef. Youll also have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to close­ly observe fresh­wa­ter croc­o­diles in their nat­ur­al habitat.

At Tun­nel Creek you will walk through the nat­u­ral­ly formed 750 metre long tun­nel. Dur­ing the walk, you will nego­ti­ate pools of water (up to knee-deep) Please bring a Flash­light with you if you have one and it is rec­om­mend­ed that you take your cam­era (enclosed in a suit­able water­proof bag).

Some of the nat­ur­al inhab­i­tants of the Tun­nel will also be observed.

You will also vis­it the ruins of Lil­lim­il­u­ra Police Sta­tion out­post dur­ing the tour. 

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