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Kimberley Digital Resource Pack for Visitors and Workers in the Kimberley Region

Kimberley Jiyigas (Birds) has created a digital resource known as the Welcome to the Kimberley pack.

This is an online learning platform where an individual can access videos, audios, a digital magazine, podcasts, hyperlinks to relevant information, and embedded PDFs that can be downloaded, and worked through at each persons own pace. It provides an Indigenous perspective to our region.

A primary goal of this resource is that workers and visitors to the region, are able to increase their understanding and build stronger relationships with Aboriginal people, thus helping to improve outcomes.

This online resource is generic in its nature, and is not to any one specific language group or people group in the Kimberley . It encompasses what is considered to be valuable information for any person coming to visit or work in the Kimberley region and is not intended to replace local engagement with local Aboriginal people of any town or community.

We encourage additional engagement with the local Traditional Owner groups of the region, wherever people may be visiting or working.

There are 4 x 20-minute videos outlining the topics of Community, Country, Clans and Capacity – to introduce newcomers to Aboriginal culture. The videos are the foundation of this resource, which is further supported by additional tools to aid cultural understanding and prepare people for Kimberley living.

This resource pack can be purchased for $39 per person, but a license fee for use by larger groups or organisations, can be discussed if there is interest in this resource for your staff or visiting tourists, who intend to be in our region this year, and beyond. This provides a discounted option.


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